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Devt. & Inequalities

Case study facts

No. of colonies that Britain had in 1815 43, spread across 5 continents
GNI per capita ($) PPP of UK $35,860
Years of Mao Tse-tung’s command economy in China 1949 – 1976
Years of Deng Xiaoping’s market economy in China 1978 – 1992
GNI per capita ($) PPP of China $6,890
In 2000, 10% of Britain’s GDP earned by top ? 1%
HDI of Shanghai, China 0.908
HDI of Gansu province, China 0.705
Real economic growth rate of Zimbabwe in 2006 minus 4.1%
Cost of loaf of bread in Zimbabwe in 1998 vs. 2008 Z$5 (1998) vs. Z$1.6 trillion (2008)
Percentage of Zimbabweans living on less than US$2 a day in 1999 vs. 2009 30% (1999) vs. 83% (2009)
Environmental Performance Index of UK vs. that of China 85/100 (UK) vs. 65/100 (China)
Percentage of Mali’s workforce employed in agriculture 80%
Percentage of Mali’s public expenditure that comes from aid 50%
Year minimum wage introduced in the UK and rate it was set at 1999, £3.60
Years Single Regeneration Budget ran in UK and amount received by Easington, County Durham 1995 – 2006, £45 million received by Easington
Percentage of children living in low income families in Newham vs. London average (2008) 70% in Newham, 40% across London
House price increase in Homerton district vs. Greater London average since London was granted Olympics in 2005 70% (Homerton) vs. 36% (Greater London)
Number of jobs in converted Olympics media centre in Hackney (iCITY) 4,500 by 2018
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