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Ch. 17 Family Matter

Law 12

Custody Care of a child awarded to a parent by a court when the relationship ends
Custodial parent The parent with childcare responsibilities
Access The non-custodial parent's right to visit the child
Tender Years Doctrine The belief that young children should be in the custody of their mothers
Reasonable Access Parents are left to agree about the terms of the non-custodial parent that are defined by the Court
Defined Access Visitation terms for the non-custodial parent that are defined by the Court
Supervised Access Visits with the child by the non-custodial parent requiring the presence of a third party
Child Support Payment one parent makes to the other to meet the financial needs of their children
Crown Wardship Order A family court judge's order to make the state (government) the guardian of a child
Adoption A legal process by which a couple (or a single person) becomes the legal parents of a child
Custom Adoption A form of traditional adoption within a First Nations community
Spousal Support Money that one spouse pays the financially dependent spouse once the marriage or relationship has ended
Family Assets Property owned by either spouse (or both) and normally used for family purposes
Net Family Property The value of a couple's assets, less any debts, at the date the relationship ends
Equalization Payment What the spouse with the higher value of assets pays to the other spouse to make the division of total assets more equitable
Matrimonial Home The principle residence where the spouses resided before their separation
Order of Unfairness of Unconscionability An order requiring a division of property that recognizes the unequal contribution of spouses
Will Written Instructions for the distribution of property and possession after death
Intestate The state of dying without having written a will
Succession The legal right to inherit property
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