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Maternal Child Nursing Test 4 PHCC

PKU inborn error of metabolism
TX PKU diet restricted amino acids (proteins)
Effects on Fetus microcephaly, IUGR, cardiac defects, mental retardation
Hyperemesis Gravidarum Excessive "morning sickness' prolonged after 12 th week. Severity causing dehydration, ketonuria, significant weight loss (5-30lbs)
Problems r/t hyperemeisis dehydration, F&E imbalances, metabolic acidosis severe protein and vitamin deficiency, weight loss, ketones in urine, jaundice and hemorrhage from mucosal bleeding may occur.
Other S/S hyperemesis hypotension, inc HCt, hypokalemia, dec urinary output.
TX Hyperemesis IV fluids 3000ML D5LR 1st 24hrs then keep urine output @ 1000ml/24hrs, IV glucose, Thiamine IV or IM, may need NG tube
Meds Hyperemesis Sedative Phenobarbitol; Antiemetics (Phenergan, compazine, reglan) MOM tablets 2-3 X daily to sooth stomach and replace Mg. B6 25 mg PO q 8hrs X 3 days may also have antiemetic effect
Diet Hyperemesis NPO 1st 24 hrs, then advance as tolerated. Small meals, no fluids at same time as food, hi carbs, low fat, low caffeine, non spicy
Created by: margaretptz