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Science final Barker

Packet 2

What organelle do all organisms in the Plant Kingdom have that allow them to make food? What is the name of the pigment inside of it. Chloroplast with chlorophyll
Describe where the seed coat can be found and what job does it perform Outside - protects the embryo
Describe where the Cotyledon can be found and what job does it perform Inside (large mass) - stored food for the embryo
Describe where the Embryo can be found and what job does it perform Inside - Baby plant
What two things does a seed need to germinate? Water and warmth
What are three functions of roots? -Take in water -Anchor plant -some store food (i.e. carrot)
What are the 4 main parts of a plant -Flower -Stem -Leaves -Roots
What are three functions of stems? -Transport materials between roots and leaves -Holds up leaves/flower -Some store food (i.e. sugar cane)
Describe non-vascular -shorter plants -no tubes present for transportation of materials -moss, liverworts, etc
Describe Vascular -Taller plants -Tubes present for transportation of materials -Trees, flowers, shrubs, etc.
What are xylem and phloem? Transport tubes
Definition of Xylem Carries water from the roots to the leaves
Definition of Phloem Carries glucose (food) from the leaves to the rest of the plant
What happens to the leaves of celery if the stem is placed in colored water. How do you know this? The colored water will travel up the xylem and color the leaves of the celery. We know because water is carried upwards by xylem
What are two functions of leaves? -Makes food (photosynthesis) -Captures sunlight
What are the end products of photosynthesis? Glucose (food/sugar) and Oxygen
Name and describe 3 ways a plant can reproduce asexually -Bulbs - short underground stem that can grow new/identical plants (ie onion) -Tuber - underground stems that grown new/identical plants from buds (ie potato) -Sporulation- Identical organism forms from spores released by parent (ie moss) -Cuttings - A
Name and describe the 2 ways a plant can reproduce sexually -Self-pollination - pollen reaches stigma, etc. (between flowers on the same plant -Cross-pollination - pollen reaches stigma, etc. (flowers on different plants)
Sexually reproduction provides genetic diversity. Why is genetic diversity good? Genetic diversity gives us different organisms with a mix of traits. For example, Bubonic plague killed millions, but not everybody. Some people had a mix of traits making them immune to disease so they survived and passed on those traits.
Definition of Pistil Center of flower - female part of flower
Definition of Stigma top of pistil-captures pollen
Definition of ovary bottom of pistil-contains ovules and make seeds
Definition of stamen male part of flower
Definition of anther top of stamen-releases pollen
Definition of reproduction flower function
When pollen (plant sperm) meets an ovule (plant egg), what does the pollen do to the ovule. This forms the seed fertilize
What could plants provide for astronauts in space? Food, oxygen, boost in spirits, recycled water
Define hydrotropism response to water-wilting plants perk up
Define thigmotropism response to touch - vines grow along fence
Define gravitropism response to gravity - stems grow up, roots down
Define phototropism response to light - leaves and stem bend to source
Define chemotropism response to chemicals - fertilizer
Created by: KellyTravis