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第一单元 - 我生病了


ill; disease bing,病
fall ill sheng bing,生病
comfortable shu fu,舒服
ache; pain tong,痛 or teng,疼
headache tou tong,头痛
throat sang zi,嗓子
sore throat sang zi teng,嗓子疼
cough ke sou,咳嗽
fever fa shao,发烧
discover; find fa xian,发现
serious yan zhong,严重
common cold gan mao,感冒
prescribe medicine kai yao,开药
some yi xie,一些
drink he,喝
certificate for sick leave bing jia tiao,病假条
be in the hospital zhu yuan, 住院
be discharged from the hospital chu yuan,出院
help; assist bang, 帮
take someone's temperature liang ti wen,量体温
a bad cold zhong gan mao,重感冒
retreat; withdraw tui,退
thin slice,tablet pian,片
antipyretic (something that reduces a fever) tui shao yao,退烧药
cough syrup zhi ke yao shui,止咳药水
operation shou shu,手术
have an operation dong shou shu, 动手术
care for guan xin,关心
knife dao,刀
cut dao kou,刀口
be sure to qian wan,千万
other; don't bie,别
feel zhao,着
worry zhao ji,着急
worry about... wei。。。。zhao ji,为。。。着急
mend; patc; repair bu,补
make up a missed lesson bu ke,补课
recuperate yang bing,养病
wish zhu,祝
recover kang fu,康复
be relieved an xin,安心
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