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What is another word for amplitude? Loudness
What is another word for wavelength? Pitch
What is a series of vibrations that can be heard? Sound
What is the measure of sound energy reaching your ear? Loudness
What is the area where air is pushed together by vibrations? Compression
What is mabde by an object moving faster than the speed of sound? Sonic Boom
What is a reflection of sound waves? Echo
What are moving areas of high and low pressure? Sound waves
What is the rate of travel of a sound wave? Speed of Sound
What is the measure of how high or low a sound is? Pitch
What is the measure of energy a wave carries? Amplitude
What is the measure of the distance between a point on one wave and the same point on the next wave? Wave Length
What best shows how sound waves travel? A rock dropped in water
What helps your brain interpret signals as sounds? Tiny hairs that affect nerve cells
What affects the pitch of a stringed instrument? The length of the strings
What makes a sound's pitch high? Source is vibrating quickly
In a long hallway, what will make a sound most like the original? Echo
What can't sound waves travel through? Empty Space
What is related to how fast the source is moving back and forth? Pitch
How do you make sound lower on a guitar? Lengthen the string
If the amplitude of a wave decreases, you will hear what type of sound? Softer
Where are you more likely to hear an echo, in a small or large room? Large
How many bones are in your ear? 3
What does sound travel faster through, softer or harder? Harder
Created by: jill.wehlander