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Platt Abbreviations

Pharmacology Abbreviation Study Guide

VO Voice Order
ac Before Meals
AD Right Ear
YOB Year of Birth
ba Barium
bid Twice a day
dil Dilution
emul Emulsion
et And
fl Fluid
gr Grain
gt One drop
NS Normal saline
pc After meals
pulv Powder
q Every
qd Once a day
R Right
s Without
Sig. Label as Follows
Sig. Directions
sl Under the tongue
SOB Shortness of breath
ss One-half
Subc Subcutaneous
subling Sublingual
T Tablespoon
tbsp Tablespoon
Daw Dispense as Written
FU Follow up
AS Left ear
C 100
DC Discontinue
disc Discontinue
d/c Discontinue
gtt Two or more drops
gtts Two or more drops
h Hour
h hypodermic
IV Intravenous
K Potassium
kg Kilogram
PR Per rectum
pt Patient
pt Pint
qh Every hour
Rx Take
wt Weight
# Weight
ASAP As soon as possible
tiw Three times a week
a Before
aa Of each
ad lib As desired
alt dieb Alternate Days
alt noc Alternate nights
am morning
amt Amount
ante Before
aq Water
aq Aqueuous
AU Both Ears
OU Both Eyes
OS Left Eye
OD Right Eye
OD Overdose
c without
cap Capsule
cc Cubic centimeter
CC Chief Complaint
d Day
disp Dispense
dr Dram
dtd# Give this number
Dx Diagnosis
elix Elixir
ext Extract
ext External
Fe Iron
G Guage
g Gram
gal Gallon
hs Hours of sleep
hs Bedtime
IM Intramuscular
inj Injection
L Liter
liq Liquid
M ft Make
mcg Microgram
mg Milligram
mitt# Give this number
mL Milliliter
mm Millimeter
noct Night
non rep Do not repeat
NPO Nothing by mouth
po By mouth
prn As needed
q2h Every 2 hours
qam Every morning
qid Four times a day
qm Every morning
qod Every other day
sol Solution
stat Immediately
suppos Suppository
susp Suspension
syr Syrup
tab Tablet
tid Three times a day
top Topical
tsp Teaspoon
u Unit
ung Ointment
UT Under the tongue
ut dict UD As directed
mEq Milliequivalent
NKA No Known Allergies
NKDA No Known Drug Allergies
QS Quantity Sufficient
sos If necessary
TO Telephone order
SC Subcutaneous
@ At
ud as directed
XL Extended release
alt hor Alternate Hours
h/a Headache
n/v Nausea and vomitting
i 1
ii 2
iii 3
iv 4
v 5
vi 6
vii 7
viii 8
ix 9
x 10
SubQ Subcutaneous
WO Written order
TAT Till all taken
ec Enterically Coated