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Ch:15 Int. Tort

Intentional Torts Actions intended to cause injury to others
Intent The desire to commit an act for a specific purpose
Assault Offensive conduct that causes a reasonable apprehension of imminent harm
Battery Intentional, unauthorized physical contact that the victim considers harmful or offensive
Medical Battery Performing the wrong medical procedure or performing a procedure without the patient's consent
False Imprisonment Detention of a person without consent and without legal authority
Malicious Prosecution Wrongful prosecution of a person without reasonable and probable cause
Intentional Infliction of Nervous Shock or Mental Suffering Deliberately shocking someone, causing the victim to suffer mental or physical harm
Trespass The unlawful interference with the person, property, or rights of another
Private Nuisance Unreasonable and substantial interference with someone's right to enjoyment of property
Public Nuisance Unreasonable and substantial interference with interests that affect the community at large, such as public health and safety
Chattel Movable personal property
Conversion Unauthorized and substantial interference with another's property, which deprives the owner of its use
Consent Permission granted voluntarily for a specific act
Self-Defence The legal right to use reasonable force to protect oneself against injury from another
Defence of a Third Party The legal right to use reasonable force to protect someone from injury
Legal Authority The right given by law to engage in conduct that would otherwise be considered a tort
Statutory Authority Legislation that grants someone authority to perform an act that could create a nuisance
Defamation Injury to a person's reputation or good name by slander or libel
Slander A defaming oral statement or gesture
Libel Defamation in a permanent form, such as written or recorded statements
Truth A defence to defamation that the comments alleged to be defamatory are verified and established facts
Fair Comment A defence to defamation that the comments were honest and made without malice
Malice Any improper or ulterior motive for publishing a defamatory statement
Absolute Privilege Protection from liability for statements made in Parliament, in a legislation or courtroom, at a military hearing, or before a tribunal
Qualified Privilege Protection from liability for statements made in certain situations as long as the statements are made without malice
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