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ECE 1 Target/Stnd 01

ECE1-01 Employability Skills&Documents

Professional Dress Appropriate dress for the job that you have or wish to get, such as for an interview. The right clothing for any situation.
Professional Greeting Greeting the interviewer/manager with good posture, firm handshake, eye contact and first and last name pronounced slowly.
Digital citizenship How we contribute to or behave online or using digital media and social networking.
Professional documents Resume, Reference Sheet, Job Application, etc.
Resume' A 1 page written summary of education, work experience, and any special talents and skills; often prepared for a potential employer. Chronological order, NO ERRORS!
Reference sheet A document with 3 - 5 adults (unrelated to you)who know you well and can provide a potential employer with information about your character and work habits
Cover letter A letter that accompanies and explains why a resume is being sent or dropped off.
Thank you letter A letter thanking the interviewer for considering your application and taking time to interview you
Job application A form completed for a potential employer to apply for a job, can be paper or digital in format.
Recommendation letter Letter written to a potential employer suggesting that you get the job because of your great work skills and ethics
Eye contact Looking the future employer in the eyes when speaking to them
Posture Standing or sitting with a straight back and not slouching, a body language look of confidence.
Inflection Speaking clearly and with emphasis and enthusiasm
Confidence Being self assured and believing in your own abilities
Networking Using everyone that you know who could help you reach career or other goals
Annual Salary Amount of money earned annually. $ hourly pay rate X 2000 = approximate annual salary
Professional Reference An unrelated adult who is willing to tell about your skills and character to encourage an employer to hire you.
Job Objective An entry level job that relates to your career plan and children
Career Plan A plan for what type of work you want to do, along with where you can attend school to gain the needed knowledge and credentials
Volunteer Work Opportunities to learn skills and about your future career by working without pay
Created by: lisa.bates
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