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Giant Junk Law

Giant Junk TermGiant Junk Definition
Aggravated Assault Unlawfully threatening someone or trying to seriously hurt someone.
Amendment A change.
Appellate Jurisdiction The power to review cases that have already been decided by lower courts.
Caleb To Have Unlawfully sexy giant junk.
Assault Unlawfully threatening someone or trying to hurt some.
Assembly When a group of people gather together.
Attorney-client privilege The right to confidential conversations between a client and a lawyer.
Bail Money paid by a person accused of a crime to stay out of jail until the trial.
Battery Unlawfully touching or hitting someone with the intent to hurt that person.
Bill A proposal for a new law.
Bootlegger A person who illegally made and sold liquor during the time liquor was prohibited.
Checks and Balances Each branch of the government has ways to limit the power of other branches, which keeps the power equal among all the branches.
Cheif Justice of the United States The leader of the Supreme Court.
Civil Case A court case about a noncriminal matter.
Client The person who hires a lawyer.
Closing Arugument A lawyer summarizes the case.
Concurrent Jurisdiction When the federal court system and state court system share the power to hear a case.
Confidential Secret.
Congress The part of the national government that makes the laws and that is made up of the house of representatives and the senate.
Costitution A paper that lists the rules of government.
Convicted Found guilty of a crime.
Country The largest division of local government.
Court of Appeals A court that can review and overturn the decision of a lower court.
Crime An act that can be punished by law.
Criminal Case A court case in which the defendant is accused of committing crime.
Cross-Examination When a lawyer question the other side's witness.
Defendant The person who is on trial.
Deliberate To discuss the evidence presented.
Delinquent Child A juvenile who has committed a crime.
Dependent Child A juvenile who needs help from the state.
Created by: Giant Junk Man


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