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Resp Medications

Respiratory Pharmacology Medications

Preventers * Prevent acute flare up of dyspnea * Asthma, COPD, certain pneumonia * Maintenance Drugs
Rescue Treatment of acute flare ups of dyspnea
Nebulizer * Pressurized air changes liquid into a gas * Administer respiratory medications or normal saline
Corticosteroids side effects Thrush
Common Corticosteroids Medications * Azmacort (Triamcinolone) * Flovent (Fluticasone) * Pulmocort (budesonide) * Deltasone (prednisone)
Corticosteroid Treatment Asthma, COPD
Side effects of Deltasone * Hyperglycemia * Weight Gain * Edema * Peptic ulcer * Hypertension * Muscle weakness * Delayed wound healing
Side effects of Methylprednisone * Headache * Hyperglycemia * Edema * Daily Weight
Bronchiodilators (Xanthines) preventers
Action of Theodue * Prevent acute attacks, COPD * Dilate Bronchioles * No spasms of the airway * Relieve symptoms * Most versatile medication
Side effects of Theodue * Tremors * Palpitation * Insomnia * Anxiety
Nursing Interventions for Theodue * Blood level monitoring * Administer around the clock * Monitor pulse rate * Administer with food
Action of Leukotriene * Inflammatory chemicals causing tightening * Increase mucous production * Given for asthma and allergies * Infection of airway
What else should we remember if patient is about to take Leukotriene? See if they are allergic to soy or peanuts
Anticholinergics * USed more frequently for COPD * Known as preventers * Dilates bronchioles, decrease mucous, spasms * Come in Meter dose inhaler, dry powder inhaler, and Nebulizer * Contraindicated in patient with glaucoma, renal failure, and allergic to soy
Side effects of Anticholinergics * Urinary retention * Dry mouth
Advair Diskus * Treatment of COPD and Asthma * Known as preventer medications * Dilates, lowers coughing, wheeze, * shortness of breath * Flovent/Siravent * When using a dry powder inhaler, do not move the container upside down. Always hold horizontal.
Side effects of Advair Diskus * Headache * Tachycardia * Palpitations * Hoarseness * Depression * Fatigue * Insomnia * Nasal stuffiness
Advair Diskus for Nursing interventions * Rinse mouth after medication is used * Monitor pulse rate * Inhale only
Anti-TB medication examples * isonicotinylhydrazine also known as INH * Rifadin (rifampicin) * Myambutol
Side effects of Anti-TB * G.I. distress. * Jaundice * peripheral neuropathy. * Rash. * Abdominal pain * fever * bleeding * bruising.
Specific medications side effects with Myambutol * decreased white blood cells and platelets * Hearing Loss * Vision problems
specific medication side effects with INH neuropathy
Nursing Implementation with Anti-TB * Can interfer with other medications * Avoid alcohol * Medications in combination more then two years * any signs of hepatitis needs be reported
Anti-infectives side effects * G.I. effects. * Hyperglycemia * hyperkalemia * rash. * Dizziness * drowsiness
Rocephin Side effects * nausea * vomiting * diarrhea * rash. * Bleeding
Nursing Implications for Anti-Infectives Needs to be taken around the clock at equal times.
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