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Roots all for Roth

all the latin roots for mrs. Roth CDA Charter academy

Bene well, good
Fac Fic Fact Fect fy to do to make
loqui, loqut to speak
Magn great
mult many
Plic Plicit plex ply to fold, to tangle
recti right strait
sacr secr ecr sacred holy
spec spic spect to look
turb to disturb
und ound wave
vol to wish
aqua water
art, ert art skill craft
dict to say
duct to lead
equ equal even
Null nothing
pot to have power
pung punct poign pug to prick to point
sequ secut to follow
simil simul like same
tempor time
verb word verb
anim mind, feeling life heart
capit, cipit ceps head
grand great
greg flock, herd
jur to swear, law
Leg, Lig, Lect, Lit To choose, to gather
Mut to change
Ped Foot
Purg to clear
Sent, Sens to feel to think
Tenu thin
Vi road way
Uni one
Bi, Bin two
Du Two Twice
Tri three
Terti third
Adru Four
Quart Fourth
Quinque five
Quint fith
sext six sixth
Sept septem seven
septim seventh
Oct eight
octav eighth
novem nine
non ninth
Decem ten
deci decim tenth
Cent hundred
mill thousand
Annu Ennu year
Ced cess to go, to yeild
Cord heart
Flor flower
Fund Fus found to pour, to melt
Grad Gress to step, to go
Male Malign bad
sanct holy, sacred
sol alone
Ten, tin tent tain to hold
vid vis to see
voc voice, to call
Clam Claim to cry out
Fer tom bear, to carry
Lev to lift, light in weight
Lud Lus to play to mock
Misc to mix
Mort death
omni all
semi half partly
string, strict strain to draw tight
Sen old
torqu tort to twist
vert vers to turn
cid cis to cut, to kill
Fid Fidel faith; faithful
fin end limit
line line
liter letter, literature
lumin light, to shine
part port part share
prec prayer
sui self
termin boundary end
ver true
vest garment
Bell war
doc doct to teach
ferv to boil to bubble
fratr fratern brother
ger gest to carry to produce
grav heavy
hom homo man
matr matern mother
moll soft
patr patern father
pend pens to hang, to weigh
ambi both
aud audit to hear
corp corpor corpus body
Created by: anastasia3rd