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Name of outside plac

Name of places

Train Station huo che zhan - 火車站
public washroom gong gong ce suo - 公共廁所
gift shop li pin dian - 禮品店
supermarket chao shi - 超市
post office you ju - 郵局
butcher rou dian - 肉店
clothing store fu zhuang dian - 服裝店
grocery story shu cai, shui guo dian - 蔬菜 ,水果店
hotel lv guan - 旅館
stationary store wen ju dian - 文具店
parking lot ting che chang - 停車場
city hall shi zheng da lou - 市政大樓
department store bai huo shang dian - 百貨商店
bus stop gong gong qi che zhan - 公共汽車站
police station jing cha ju - 警察局
sports store ti yu yong pin shang dian - 體育用品商店
airport fei ji chang - 飛機場
pharmacy yao dian - 藥店
cinema dian ying yuan - 電影院
music store yin xiang dian - 音像店
travel agency lv xing she - 旅行社
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