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Kamille Cote

Blume Life Science Ch.13 part1

Soft-bodied invertebrates that usually have shells mollusks
Antennae, legs, claws, and princers are called __________. appendages
Sac used for temporary food storage in earthworm. crop
muscular structure that grinds soil. gizzard
invertebrates with jointed appendages. arthropods
Hard, thick outer covering is the ___________. Exoskeleton
Shedding of the exoskeleton is _________. molting
Changes in some animals do through to become adults. metamorphoses.
Spiny-skinned invertebrates living in the ocean are ___________. Echinoderms
Appendages that act like suction cups are _____________. Tube feet.
Simple worms have a body plan with________ symmetry. Bilateral
A system where blood is not in vessels, but spreads over the organs in some areas is called a(n) ____________ system. Open Circulatory
Mollusks are NOT classified according to how they_________. Produce
Gastropods have a _______, tounge-like organ that works like a file. radula
The class of mollusks with the most specialized members are the ________. Cephalopods
Segmented worms have bristle-like structures called _____ to help them move. Setae
Like mollusks, segmented worms have a _______________. body cavity for organs
The blood of earthworms is contained in vessels, thus they have a(n)_______. closed circulatory system
All arthropods DO NOT have_______. three body segments
The lightweight ________ covers, supports, and protects the arthropod's body with material that aslo keeps the body from drying out. exoskeleton
Unlike other arthropods, arachnids have_______ legs. 8
_________ make up the largest group of complex invertebrates. Insects
All echinoderms have a body plan with _________. radial symmetry.