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Chp 11 pt 1

Blume- Life Science Ch 11 part 1

A plant's response to gravity is called what? gravitropism
The flowering of a plant in response to change of light or dark is called what? Phototropism
A plant's response to length of day is called what? Photoperiodism
If a plant is turned to it's side, the leaves and branches will bend and grow up. This is what? Phototropism
If a plant is turned to its side, the leaves bend and grow up. This is what? gravitropism
If a plant is turned to its side the roots will bend and grow down. This is what gravitropism
If a plant is turned to its side the roots will bend and grow down. This is what? phototropism
Anything in the environment that effects the behavior of an organism is called a what? Stimulus
When an organism reacts to a stimulus it is a what response
what are responses of an organism to an external stimuli like gravity & sunlight? tropism
What are internal stimuli that cause plants to react; often only a gram needed? Hormone
What causes fast growth through rapid cell division? cytokinins
What is produced in cells of ripening fruit, which stimulates the ripening pocess.? Ethylene
What slows or stops plant growth? Abscisic acid
What causes cells to grow longer on the shaded side of the stem. Auxin
Because of the effect of auxins on cell growth, plant systems grow where? toward light
Plants that require less than 10-12 hours of darkness are called what? long-day plants
Plants that have no specific period and can flowering process can begin within a range of hours of darkness are called what? Day Neutral plants
Plants that require 12 or more hours of darkness are called what Long day plants
The stomata are located primarily in the what? palisade layer
Food is produced in the what? Palisade layer
What contains carbon dioxide and water needed for food production? spongy layer
What are cell structures where photosynthesis occurs? Chloroplasts
The breakdown of food releases what? Energy
What makes glucose and releases oxygen into the atmosphere? Photosynthesis
What breaks down food and releases energy? respiration
Photosynthesis uses _____, water, and light energy to produce glucose. Carbon Dioxide
Created by: braxton888