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Blume-Chapter 18

Blume-Life Science Ch.18 Part:25-36

What tells you that eating corn would not add to your cholesterol level? Proteins 2 g Carbohydrates 18 g Fat 0 g Sodium 280 mg Potassium 170 mg 0g Fat
What two nutrients in corn would help build bones and teeth? Phosphorus, Vitamin C
What tells you that eating corn would help give you energy? Proteins 2 g Carbohydrates 18 g Fat 0 g Sodium 280 mg Potassium 170 mg 18g carbohydrates
Your doctor just told you that you have high cholesterol. What causes high cholesterol, what are it's risks, and what can you do to lower your risks? Saturated fats and Red meat can cause high cholesterol. It can cause heart attacks or strokes. Eating less red meat can help lower it.
If your doctor said you had a Vitamin D deficiency, what changes could you make to correct it? Either take Vitamin D vitamins or be in the sun more because the sun gives you Vitamin D
Food in the stomach undergoes a._____________digestion by peristalsis. a. Mechanical
__________________digestion with the help of digestive solutions and enzymes. Chemical
One of the digestive solutions is __________ which is stored in the gall bladder. Bile
After this the food becomes a thin, watery liquid called the ___________. Chyme
Then it moves into the ____________where __________ is absorbed Small intestine Nutrients
After the Small intestine, the remaining food mass moves into the large intestine where ___________ is absorbed from undigested food. Water
In doing so, the body returns large amounts of water to the body and maintain _____________. Homeostasis
The muscle constriction called ______________ slow down somewhat in the large intestine. Peristalsis
Chyme mat stay here as long as ____ days three
The bacteria feed on these materials and in return they make ___________ that your body needs Vitamins
Organic or inorganic: Proteins Organic
Organic or inorganic: Water inorganic
Organic or inorganic: Carbohydrates Organic
Organic or inorganic: Vitamins Organic
Organic or inorganic: minerals Inorganic
What nutrients is it? ~Allows chemical reactions to take place ~ Removes wast from the cells Water
What nutrients is it? ~ Essential, organic nutrients that help the body use other nutrients. Vitamins
What nutrients is it? ~ inorganic nutrients that regulate many chemical reactions Minerals
What is it? ~provide energy ~ Store vitamins Fats
What is it? ~ Main source of energy ~ Contain C, H, & O atoms Carbohydrates
What is it? ~Made of amino acids ~Used for growth, replacement & repair Proteins
Created by: hdippel