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Blume Chapter 18 sci

Blume-LIfe Science CH. 18 Part: 1-24 11-19

what is the main sources of energy? like starches and sugars carbohydrates
what is nutrients that repair and replace body cells? proteins
what are subunits of proteins? amino acids
what is inorganic nutrients that regulate the body's chemical reactions? minerals
what physical breakdown of food? like as in chewing mechanical digestion
what id the breakdown of large molecules of food for absorption? chemical digestion
what is a enzyme-containing fluid in the mouth ? saliva
what is the muscular contraction that moves food? peristalsis
what are fingerlike projections in the small intestine? villi
unlike inorganic nutrients, organic nutrients contain ___________? carbon
starches are in foods such as potatoes and _________? grains
milk, cheese, and ________ contain all essential amino acids? eggs
the amount of energy available in foods in measured in _______? calories
__________ are nutrients that help store some vitamins fats
saturated fats, found in ________, are believed to contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease? red meats
__________ are essential organic nutrients that help your body use other nutrients? vitamins
scurvy is a disease caused by a lack of _____? vitamin c
trace mineral include copper and ______? iodine
next to oxygen ______ is the most vital factor for survival? water
protein the speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction in your body is called? enzyme
process of digestion begins in your _______? mouth
Created by: sraymond