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inter between/among
infra below
contra against
intra within
ultra beyond
supra/super above
circum around
per through
ad toward
ante before
extra outside of
post after/behind
in into/in/on
trans across
ex out of
de down from/of
sub below
pro for
cum with
pauper poor
altus high/tall
brevis short
discordia disagreement
diligens hard-working
facetiae wit
dulcis sweet
facilis easy
felix lucky/happy
ferox fierce
fidelis faithful
fortis strong
eruditus smart
latus wide/broad
alga seaweed
fabula story
aura breeze
calumnia slander
culpa blame/fault
familia family
herba grass
hora hour
luna moon
serra saw
stella star
temperantia moderation
umbra shade
unda wave
concordia peace/harmony
contumelia contempt
lana wool
malevolentia ill-will
panacea cure-all
ignominia disgrace/dishonor
providentia foresight
sagitta arrow
sententia opinion
porta gate
farina flour
fenestra window
fiducia trust
fortuna luck
insidiae abmush
invidia envy
macula spot
mora delay
munificentia generosity
nuptiae wedding
opulentia richness
pagina page
pecunia money
perfidia treachery
pirata pirate
legatus messenger/envoy
medicus doctor
agnus lamb
humus ground
Created by: frances_melvin