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Geography Exam Vocab

savanna a broad grassland with few trees
basin low area surrounded by higher land
canopy umbrella-like covering formed by the tops of trees in a rain forest
hydroelectric power electricity generated by flowing water
dictator individual who takes control of a government and rules the country as he or she wishes
refugee person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster
shah a title given to kings who rule Iran
Islamic republic government run by Muslim religious leaders
Tehran capitol of Iran
Caspian Sea salt lake between Europe and Asia that is the world's largest inland body of water
Dead Sea saltiest body of water in the world
kibbutz a settlement in Israel where the people share property an prodice goods
Shiraz city in the lower part of Iran
Tel Aviv-Yafo city in Israel
Diaspora collective name for scattered Jewish settlements around the world
Holocaust systematic murder of 6 million European Jews by Adolf Hitler and his followers during World War II
Gaza Strip small country east of Israel
West Bank small country west of Israel
Esfahan city in the middle of Iran
Dead Sea Scrolls scrolls found in Israel with religious writings
Created by: bpalumbi