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Stack #1274947

Blume-Life Science- Frog Packet

The eggs of a frog are laid and fertilized where? in the water
The lid of a frog's eye that is transparent is called what? nictitating membrane
Which kind of teeth is located in the middle of the roof of a frog's mouth? vomerine teeth
Which kind of teeth are located at the sides of a mouth? maxillary teeth
This is a digestive juice made by the liver. Bile
This organ of a frog is where most of the digestion and absorption of food into the bloodstream take place. small intestine
Water is absorbed from food in this organ. large intestine
This sac stores urine until it passes out of the body through the cloaca. urinary bladder
When you put a frog on a dissection tray without cutting it open, what is one way you can tell if it is a male or a female? The male will have an enlarged thumb pad compared to the female.
What organ of a frog acts like ears? the tympanum
What exits the cloaca? urine, feces, and reproductive cells
If you cut past the muscles, how can you tell if your frog is a male or a female? The female has dark-colored eggs and the male has sperm ducts and testes.
This is a connective tissue that lies on top of the red kidneys. peritoneal membrane
What do the positions of the frog's teeth say about how they are used? They might be used to hold food in place.
At the end of hibernation, the abdominal cavity of a frog would contain small fat bodies or none at all. What do you think could be the function of the fat bodies? They supply food for the frog during hibernation.
Created by: cskiles