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Blume-Life Science Ch 13 Part 2

Describe how an earthworm takes in food, it's path through the body, what happens as it goes along, and where it exits the body. The earthworm eats food using its radula. Then it moves down to the crop which sends it to the gizzard that grinds the food down to go through the intestine and out the anus.
How do sea stars eat? Sea Stars use their tube feet to open mollusks shells and their stomach goes in the crack and surrounds the soft body.
What is the difference between an open circulatory system and a closed circulatory system? An open circulatory system has blood just floating around everywhere unlike the closed circulatory system which has tubes or veins and arteries.
List 3 types of mouths and how they are used? (remember 3 heads) mosquitos have suckers for piercing skin and sucking blood. siphon- which allows them to drink nectar mandibles- used to chew through foods
Study the snails body parts study the snails body parts
What are the 4 stages for Complete Metamorphosis? (Also study the picture) egg, larva, pupa, adult
What are the stages for Incomplete Metamorphosis? (Study picture) eggs, nymph, nymph, adult
Study the worm picture Study the worm picture
Created by: anguyen2