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Blume part 2

Blume-Lifescience-Ch 18 part 2

Main source if energy Carbohydrates
Nutrients that repair and replace body cells Proteins
Subunits of proteins Amino Acids
Inorganic nutrients that regulate the body's chemical reactions Minerals
Physical brekdown of food Mechinal digestion
Breakdown of large molecules of food for absorption Chemical Digestion
Enzymer-containing fluid in the mouth Saliva
Muscular constractions that move food Peristalis
Fingerlike projections in the small intensine villi
What causes high cholestral Saturated fat
What are high cholestrals risk Heart Attack
What can you do to lowerhigh cholestrals risk Eat less fat
What changes can you make for Vitamin D defiency You wouldn't eat a lot of bread or cereal
List the six classes of nutrient Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Nutrients, Minerals, Water
Which nutrient allows reactions to take place Water
Which nutrient contain Carbon, Hydrogen and oxygen atoms Carbohydrates
Which nutrient is an essential, organic nutrients that help the body use other nutrients Vitamins
Inorganic nutrients that regulate many chemical reactions Minerals
Made of amino acids Proteins
Main source of energy Carbohydrates
Provide enrgy Nutrients
Removes waste from cells Water
Store vitamins Nutrients
Used for growth, replacement and repair Proteins
Created by: aarash