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Blume Frog Packet

Blume-Life Science-Frog Packet/Samuel and Danny

Where are eggs fertilized? in water
What is the other name for nostrils on frogs? external nares
What is a thin lid on the frogs eye? nictating membrane
What is the name of the teeth in the middle of the roof of the mouth in the frog? vomerine teeth
What are the name of the teeth on the side of the mouth in the frog? maxillary teeth
The pharnyx is located behind what? the tongue
What connects the pharnyx to the ear? eustachain tubes
What is the name of the digestive juice made by the liver? bile
Bile is stored in what? gall bladder
What is the name of the fluid made by the pancreas? pancreatic juice (insulin)
Indigestible materials pass through the large intestine and then into what? cloaca
The respiratory system consists of what two things? nostrils and larynx
The walls of the lungs are filled with ___ which are microscopic blood vessels through which materials pass into and out of the blood. capillaries
The circulatory system consists of a three chambered heart containing what three things? heart, blood vessels, and blood
The heart has two recieving chambers, or ___ and one sending chamber, or ___. atria and ventricle
How do you tell the difference between a male frog and a female frog? the male has an enlarged thumb pad
The uniary system consists of what four things? kindneys, ureters, bladder, and cloaca
The testes produce ______ which move through sperm ducts. They produce sperm
The central nervous system of the frog consists of the brain which is enclosed in _____ and ______ skull and spinal cord
What is the function of the lung? exchanges gas
The frog's voluntary muscles occur in ___ and ___ flexers and extensors
Which gender of frog is ussually smaller than the other ? male
What membrane which is connected tissue which lies on the red kidneys? peritoneal membrane
What is a tube that food is swallowed into? esophagus
Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from what? the heart
Created by: dwooldridge