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Nur203 -Pre/Suf

Prefixes/Suffixes for Nur-203

cele hernia Examples: rectocele, cystocele
centesis puncture Example: amniocentesis
esis, iasis state or condition Example: synthesis
osis, tion pathological state Examples: hypnosis, osmosis
gram a tracing Example: electrocardiogram
emesis vomit Example: cholemesis
pathy disease
adeno gland
rrhage, rhagia excessive flow
myelo marrow
chole gall, bile
dys difficult, bad, painful
ad toward, to, near
ab, abs away from Example: abduct
a, an negative, without, lack of Example: atheist
cysto bladder
oculo eye
endo, end within
megal, mega large, great
mal bad, poor, evil
macro large, long, big
stomy new opening, furnish with an outlet Example: colostomy
stasis halt, arrest Example: bacteriostasis
rrhea, orrhea to flow discharge Example: diarrhea
rrhaphy suturing in place Example: gastrorrhaphy
ptosis downward displacement Example: nephroptosis
penia lack, deficiency of Example: thrombocytopenia
otomy cutting, incision Example: hysterectomy
megaly large, enlargement, big
lupis setting free
ize to treat by special method Example: specialize
neuro nerve
os mouth
osteo bone
oto ear
path, patho disease
peri around
pneu air, lungs
poly many, much
post after
pre before
pseud, pseudo false
retro backward
rhino nose
sarco flesh
semi half
super, supra above
tri three
uni one
uro urinary, urinary organs
vaso vessel
hemato, hemat, hem, hemo blood
hemi half
hepa, hepar, hepato liver
hyper above, excessive, greater than, over
hypo under, less than normal
hystero uterus
inter between
intra within
laryngo larynx
ectomy cutting out, removal excision Example: hysterectomy
cyte cell
aemia, emia blood
algia, algesia, dynia suffering, pain
arthro joint
anti against
amb, ambi both
cephal head
cardio heart
brady slow
brachy short
bi twice, two, double
lith a stone
emia blood
lith stone or calculus
lysis breaking down
oma tumor
pnea breathing
scopy to see
ortho straight, normal
pan entire, all
stomato mouth
sub under, beneath
trans across, through
itis, ites inflammation
phage, phagia to eat
uria urine
myo muscle
nephro kidney
derma skin
diplo double
ecto, ect, exo outer, outside
entero intestine
Created by: ssbourbon
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