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Latin Final

2 characteristics of a miles. How long was his tour of duty? A roman citizen and a full-time professional; 25 years
About how many men were in a legion? Give 3 capabilities of a legion. 5,000 men; they made forts, manufactured weapons, made roads
what two details about a possible recruit did the inquisitio have to confirm? They had to be a Roman citizen; had to pass a medical exam
According to Vegetius, what were four of the desirable characteristics of a recruit? Alert eyes, head upright, large calves, long fingers, brilliant mind
What are 5 types of physical training of the new recruit. marching, jumping, running, swimming, carrying heavy packs
Describe the weapons training of the new recruit. they started with a wooden sword and a wicker shield, and progressed to fighting a human
What did Vegetius advise as the best way to use a sword? thrust the sword
Define and give one detail about the gladius, pugio, scutum stabbing sword (worn on the right), shield (3 ft. long), dagger (worn on left)
What is a pilum? How long was it? How was it constructed? A javelin; 1.5 meters; pointed iron head
List 6 items the legionary soldier had to carry on route marches dishes, water bottles, woven cloak, food for days, overnight materials, body armor/ weapons
What did the legionary soldiers have to do at the end of a day's march? give instructions
What did the fully trained legionary soldier spend much of his time doing? building roads
List 8 peacetime duties recorded in inscriptional evidence building roads, building, working on pottery, working on baking, working on brewery, and building swords
What was the rate if pay during the reign of Domitian? List four of the deductions from that pay. 300 denarii; food, clothing, equipment, savings
How would a soldier's life change if he was promoted? More money, less duties
What two things might a soldier receive on being discharged? 3,000 denarii, allocation of land
What fighting skills did the various auxiliary troops have? What type of auxiliary troop was the most important? List three ways in which this auxiliary troop was used archers and slingers; cavalry; they would attack, defeat enemies, and protected the center
What was the reward for an auxiliary soldier on being discharged? Roman citizenship
How many miles did a young soldier have to march at a regulated pace for? 24 Roman miles
How many soldiers were in a Roman legion? 5,000 soldiers
What was a Roman soldier paid? 300 denarii
How long was a soldier's tour of duty? 25 years
What is a cinglum, pilum, pugio, caligae? A military belt; a javelin; a dagger; military sandals
What is an inquisitio? an investigating board
What wasn't a part of the auxiliary legions? A)slingers B)funditores C)legionary soldiers D)cavalry E)sagitarii c
Who called Agricola back to Rome? Domitian
Who was his dead father? Lucius Julius Graecinus
Which province was Agricola born in? Forum Iulii (southeast Gaul)
Where did Agricola become governor? Britannia
What subject was Agricola's least favorite? math
When did Agricola first go to Britannia? In what ranking? A.D. 60; tribunus
What was so important about Agricola's tour of duty in Britain? He gained much knowledge of Britain
What did Agricola do well at Viroconium? What two honors did it earn him? be undiscipined and troublesome; promotion to the governship of Aquitania, and consul of Rome
What was Agricola's political status when he returned to Rome for the third time? governor
What is an optio? A deputy who would take control of the century if the centurion was absent or lost in battle
What is a praefectus castrorum? commander of the camp
What is a tesseraius? Someone who organized the guards and distributed passwords
What is a signifer? standard-bearer
What is a cornicen? horn player
What is a vitis? A cane centurions used to discipline his soldiers
What is primi ordines? first rank
What is a legatus? officer commanding a legion
How many tribunes were in a legion? 6
Of the 6 tribunes, how many were tribunus laticlavius? 1
How abouut tribuni angusticlavii? 5
What's a tribunus laticlavius? senior tribune with a broad stripe; a man of noble birth
What's a tribuni angusticlavii? the tribunes with narrow stripes; usually of a lower class
What is equites? lower social class
Who was the primus pilus? The most senior centurion of a legion
What was the pay of a centurion per year? 1500 denarii
How many men were there in each century of the 1st legion? 160 men
How many centurions were in a century? 60 men
How many centuries were in each cohort from 2nd to 9th? 6 centuries
How many military tribunes are in a legion? 6
How many men were in centuries of the 2nd to 9th cohort? 80
in purpose clauses, what is "ut" best translated as? in order to/ in order that
In result clauses, what is "ut" best translated as? that
A Roman legion was divided into ____ and further divided into ____. cohorts; centuries
Who were the centurio? the backbone of the legion
What is the lorica segmentata? segmented armor of metal strips worn by the legionary soldier
Vici eventually led to ____. development of Roman towns in Britain
What is the principia? the headquarters
What is the praetorium? The living quarters
What is the valetudinarium? The hospital
What is the horrea? The granaries
What is the via praetoria? the main gate at the front entrance of the principia
What is the via principalis? the road that goes around the width of the fortress
What is the via quintana? the road that passed around the principia
What is the vallum? the earth/mud walls with intervals
What were four defensive structures around the camp? The ditch, the vallum (ramparts), the earth wall or mound, and battlements
What was the basilica? A great hall, where commanders and his officers worked, interviews for local jobs happened, and court for military justice
What was the most sacred place in the fortress? an image of an eagle with wide spread wings on the top of the pole
What item was on the eagle and what did it represent? Gold; represented spirit, loyalty
What was he absolute worse thing for a legion? losing a battle, or losing the aquilae
What is the aquilae? the eagle
Who was an aquilifer? someone who carried the aquilia
What were the rooms on either side of the sacellum used for? pay rolls
What were close by or beneath the sacellum? legion storing rooms, which kept money
What was the praetorium and who lived there? A room on the side of the principia; the legatus and his family
What were the legatus and his family provided in the praetorium and why were they provided that? central heat, garden, baths; they were provided this to show local leaders the luxury of Romans
What are the 3 rooms in the valetudinarium? room for peace/sick, reception hall for casualties, small operating room
What were horrea designed to do? keep the grain cool and dry
What were four features of the horrea? made of wood, long and narrow, small pillars, overhanging eaves
What was the largest area of the fortress? barracks
What was a contubernium? 8 man section
What were the set of rooms that accommodated the contubernium? colonnaded veranda, each section cooked for themselves, it housed a century
How many men were housed in a block? 80
Who lived at the end of these blocks? larger suite for the centurion and/or optio
What were 2 reasons why the bath house was an important part of the fortress? hygienic reasons and it provided as a social center
What structure was found outside the fortress? amphitheater
What were 4 uses of the amphitheater? parades, weapon training, display of tactics, occasional gladiator shows
What did civilians provide for the military fortress? They traded with the Romans for food
What was the legal and actual practice regarding military-civilian marriage? They would not be allowed to marry but the army tolerated an unofficial union
What were the vici? cities made of spouses and children of soldiers outside of the camp
What 2 roles did the fortresses play? It was first used as protection but soon led to developing a civilian town life
What are defixiones? curse tablets that call for the punishment of an enemy
To increase the effect of the curse, what were added? magical, meaningless words
How were defixiones written? The offender's name is written with the details of the crime, then the tablet is rolled up and fastened to a tomb or thrown in a well
What did members of the Arval brotherhood do? pray for the emperor an his family
What type of divination is performed by priests relating to the flight patterns of a bird? augeres (augurs)
What were the layers of a Roman road? (bottom to top) large stones, smaller stones, concrete, rubble, layer of rolled sand concrete, then the pavimentum
What was the Apian Way? A traveling road from Rome to Brundisium
____ was the port city in Rome. Brundisium
What is the only surviving itinerary? Tabula Peutingeriana
What were mutationes? posting stations
What was the cursus publicus? Imperial Post
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