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Geo S.A./India test

geogrpahy test for S.A./ India USE TO STUDY FOR FINALS

why is South Asia so hard to unify? (4 reasons) language, religion, social class, & physical geo.
how does disunity effect south asia? (3) the creation of different divisons, lack of development & communication, too much diversity+harder to unify
who/what in SA was considered a "planned city" ? Harappa & Mohenjo- Daro: bc they where very advanced, smart. new how to build and had street drains.
who was located on the Indus river and whats its significance? Harappa & Mohenjo- Daro & they began a cultural hearth on Indus riv.
what is significant about the Aryan Invasion? cultures blended creating cultural diffusion.
give an examaple of cultural diffusion durning the Aryan invasion. brought beginnings of Hinduism & the caste system.
history of the Mughal Empire? who where the people? Islamic group of Muslims that had to go all the way around mongolia..migrating into india to become the biggest & most sucessful empire on earth.
what is significant about the Mughal Empire? (3) 1. worlds biggest empire 2. Taj Mahal created by Shan Jahan 3. increase trade with europeans, falls into britsish.
what is the british east india company ? 'trade' company
who did the british east india company create? and who where they? Sepoy army= Native indian soliders serving in a British led army
how did TBEIC improve there company? built railroads, improved agriculture, grow cash crops for $
what was significant about nation buliding in India? what was the INC goal? nationalism! INC goal=independence
Ghandi took charge and led to what? (3) non violent- civil disobedience, hunger strikes, and boycotts
what is significant about the great salt march 1930 ? and what did that lead to? 1. Ghandi protested again british 2. indians rebeled to make&sell salt and led to india being independent
once india gains independence, what happens? india divides=conflict arises. India=Hindus(move throughout india to get around) & Pakistan=Muslims( need to get through India to get to pak.==partition
define partition, who was involved, and what where the causes? India&Pakista- the act/process, after India gained its independence causing bad masacre, war & famine. Causes: religion, laguage, demand of muslims to seperate from india(sepertism)
why does the sepoy army rebel? & what is the impact of that? who colonizes india? bc of cultural ignorance- causes revolt againest british. Impact= british take direct rule over india= colonialism
define dharma (hinduism) religios & moral duties, according to the caste sys, occupation, gender/age. *duties* "follow your dhrama get good karma"
why would hinduism be considered polytheistic? they believe in more than 1 god. many gods. 330 million
what are Indias 2 most important natural resources? rich soil & rivers
what are potential advantages of monsoons? rich soil!! great for farming use, get $. bost economy & agriculture
what are some disadvantages of monsoons? kills crops, alot of rain= flooding may occur in some areas and may involve some death/ injuries
what is significant about sikhism? 5 maj points unique religion, hinduism+islam combined(cultural diffusion), no caste system, just reincarnation, & monotheistic
significance of the religion jainism? preservation of life, follow strict moral code, live a harmlessness life.
what is significamt about the alluvial plain south of the himalayas? good/rich soil=farming=moneyyyy
why is the deccan plateau important? its the oldest and most stable area of the land in india
what is significant about the hindu kush mts and deccan plateau? ___=___ big/ veried(cultural barrier)= having more diversity
what makes the himalayas important? (3) 1. convergent plates 2. brings monsoons= creation of gangetic plains= rich soil. 3. cultural barrier
brahmaputra river irragation & transportation.. impacts the growth of rice
Define Brahman (hinduism) supreme force that unites everything in the universe, absolute truth, and is located on the top of the caste sys.
what is hinduisms ultimate goal? and define it moksha= spiritaul perfection
define subcontinent large landmass- bigger than a country, smaller than a continent.
where is Kashmir & why would pakistan claim it? northern region in the middle of pakistan, india & china. & bc most of there population are muslim
India and Pakistan both have nuclear might there people feel? what might lead to it? theyd be scared.. might be alittle tense over there. and would led to death
outsourcing moving job somewhere else to make bigger profit
Created by: tttooraww



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