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Latin List 2

ab by
adiuvare to help
annus year
ascendere climb
barbarus barbarian
celo hide
circum around
confide trust
dicio throw down
durus hard
efficere to accomplish
fons spring
gravis serious
haruspex diviner
hora hour
infelix unlucky
iubeo to order
morbus ilness
nonulli several
nuper recently
occupatus busy
oppidum town
peritus skillfull
plenus full
ignavus lazy
suus his/hers/its own
arcessere to summon
quid novi new thing
manere to stay
consilium plan
convalescere to get better
extruere to build
nimium too much
ipse him self
hostis enemy
risus smile
mos custom
vis you want
velim I would like
calrus famous
mox soon
pareo to obey
fero to bear
adeptus having recieved
amor love
avide eagerly
caelum sky
decipio trick
eligo choose
exitium ruin
fundo pour
iacto throw
incipio began
ingressus having entered
inicio throw in
lacrima tear
minimus very little
molestus troublesome
moneo warn
parco spare
precatus having prayed
prudentia prudentia
quantus how big
tutus safe
verbum word
virtus courage
vito avoid
Created by: Pitt MAN28