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Science Exam Review

Mass The amount of matter in an object
Weight How strongly gravity pulls on an object
Volume Measures how much space matter takes up
Matter Anything that has mass or volume
Surface Tension A property liquids have that acts as a skin
States of Matter One of the three forms matter can take on
Density The amount of mass for each centimeter of a substance
Buoyancy The resistance to sinking
Element A material that can not be broken down into anything simpler by chemical reactions
Metal elements that share common properties
Atom The smallest unit of an element that retertains theproperties of that element
Nucleus the center of an atom
Proton A partical with one unit of positive energy
Neutron A partical with no electric charge
Electron Smaller particals with one unit of negitive electric charge
Chemically Reactive When an atom needs more electrons in its shell to fill them
Molecule Particals with more than one atom joined together
Atomic Mass Some of all the protons and neutrons in an atom
Noble Gases Elements that don't mix with other elements
Malleability The ability to be bent flattened or hammered without breaking
Ductillity The ability to be pulled into thin wires without breaking
Nonmetals Exellent insulators of heat and electricity
Insulators Matrials that are poor conducters of heat and elecricity
Corrosion When metals combined with nonmetas from the environment
Semiconductor material that conducts electricity better than a nonmetal but not as well as a metal
Physical change alternates a form without changing what kind of matter there is
Sublimation a change of stage directly from a solid to a gas
Melting point the tempature when a substance melts
Boiling point the tempature when a substance boils
Freezing point the tempature when a substance freezes
Thermal expansion the increase in an object's volume due to a change in heat
Thermal contraction the decrease in an object's volume due to a change in heat
Mixture a physical cobination of substances
Colloid a mixture simular to a suspension exept it's parts do not settle
Solution a mixture with parts that blend in so it looks the same everywhere
Solute the smaller amount that dissolves in a solution
Heterogeneous mixtures where you can plainly see all the parts
Suspension heterogeneous mixtures that look smooth or creamy plainly, but under a microscope you can see it clearly
Chomotography when liquids travel up the special paper and carries small particals with it
Solvent the larger amount that dissolves the other substance
Alloy a solution of a metal and another solid
Solubility the maximum amount of a solute that can dissolve in a solvent
Distillation the process of separtating 2 liquids by using evaporation and condension
Created by: kgreene10