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UTSW cardiac drugs

Semester 1 cardiac drugs

Nitroglycerin Class Vasodilator
Nitroglycerin Actions Dilates vessels,decreases PVR,Decreases 02 demand on hear and cardiac workload
Nitroglycerin Indications Chest pain, pulmonary edema w/CHF
Nitroglycerin Side effects & precautions Hypotension,reflex tach,syncope *IV and 12 lead first
Nitroglycerin Contraindications ICP, Systolic B/P <90,HR <50-100> Viagra,Cialis
Nitroglycerin Dose .4mg spray or tab sub-lingual repeatX2 every 5min
Aspirin Class NSAID anti platelet,analgesic,anti inflammatory, antipyretic
Aspirin Actions reduces platelet stickiness,blocks pain in CNS,dilates vessels,reduces coronary artery vasoconstriction
Aspirin Indications chest pain of cardiac origin
Aspirin Side effects & Precautions none
Aspirin Contraindications aspirin allergy, hemorrhagic stroke, aspirin induced asthma
Aspirin Dose 325mg adult or 4 81mg childrens
Procainamide Class Antiarrhythmic
Procainamide Actions depresses depolarization, slows automaticity and conduction velocity
Procainamide Indications PSVT uncontrolled by adenosine, a-fib w/ WPW, stable wide-complex tach
Procainamide Side effects & Precautions blocks,hypotension,bradycardia,VT/VF/Asystole,reflex Tach, Wide QRS
Procainamide Contraindications 2*&3* blocks,Torsades de Pointes, Dig Tox, Tricylic Antidepressant Toxicity
Procainamide Dose 1-4mg/min after lidocaine not w/amiodarone stop pushing when arrhythmia is suppressed,hypotension, widened QRS, max dose of 17mg/kg
Epi 1:1 Class Sympathomimetic
Epi 1:1 Actions Alpha-vasoconstriction,increases BP,Beta1-Increases HR,Incraeses contraction strength,Beta2-bronchodilation
Epi 1:1 Indications Asthmatic bronchospasm, allergic reaction/anaphylaxis, profound brady
Epi 1:1 Side effects & Precautions tach,hypertension,arrhythmias,CP,MI Restlessness,nausea/vomiting Headache
Epi 1:1 Contraindications Asthma Heart diseas or history of AMI,Arrhythmias, over 45, labor-NONE IN ALLERGIC REACTION
Epi 1:1 Dose .3-.5mgSQ Asthma or Anaphylaxis 2-10mcg/min IVP 1mg in 250mlNS
Vasopressin Class Antidiueretic Hormone
Vasopressin Actions noradrenergic vasoconstriction
Vasopressin Indications low resistance shock, alternate pressor for epi in CA
Vasopressin Side effects & Precautions watch for cardiac ischemia and angina
Vasopressin Contraindications responsive patients with coronary artery disease
Vasopressin Dose 40U IV
Morphine Class Narcotic
Morphine Actions Vasodilator, CNS depressant, Decreas Anxiety, Decrease cardiac Workload, Alleviates pain
Morphine Indications Pain control, Chest pain, pulmonary edema
Morphine Side effects & Precautions resp depression,hypotension,brady,nausea vomiting, itching,vertigo
Morphine Contraindications systolic b/p <90, sever resp depression, traumatic brain injury
Morphine Dose 2-4mg slow push
Albuterol Class Sympathomimetic
Albuterol Actions Bronchodilation
Albuterol Indications bronchospasm from asthma or COPD, allergic reation unresponsive to Epi or benadryl
Albuterol Side effects & Precautions heart disease may cause tach,hypertension,restlessness
Albuterol Contraindications pregnancy unless life threatening
Albuterol Dose 2.5mg/3ml nebulizer
Dopamine Class Sympathomimetic
Dopamine Actions increases perfusion to kidneys, stimulates beta 1 increase rate and force, high doses cause constiction
Dopamine Indications hypotension with cardiogenic shock, ROSC hypotension <90, symptomatic brady after atropine
Dopamine Side effects & Precautions tach,necrosis,nausea/vomiting,hypertension,anxiety,angina,arrhythmias,plapitations
Dopamine Contraindications hypovolemic shock,V-fib,tachydisrhthmias
Dopamine Dose IV piggy back**brady 2-10mcg/kg min Cardiogenic shock/ROSC hypo 5-10mcg/kg min
Magnesium Sulfate Class Electrolyte Anticonvulsant
Magnesium Sulfate Actions Reverse magnesium deficiency, CNS depressant, Calcium channel blocker, Vasodilator
Magnesium Sulfate Indications Asthma refractory to albuterol, eclamptic seizures, torsades de pointes, hypomagnesmia, dig tox dysrhythmias
Magnesium Sulfate Side effects & Precautions reduced hr,hypotension,resp depression,hypothermia,circulatory collapse
Magnesium Sulfate Contraindications heart blocks, myocardial damage
Magnesium Sulfate Dose 1-4mg IV seizure,torsades w/pulse 1-2g in50-100ml D5W w/.5-1ghr following dose, pulseless arrest and status asthmaticus 1-2g in 10ml D5W
Furosemide Class loop diuretic
Furosemide Actions decreases osmotic gradient, diuretic that inhibits sodium and chloride reabsorption
Furosemide Indications acute pulmonary edema
Furosemide Side effects & Precautions hypotension,ototoxity,electrolyte imbalance
Furosemide Contraindications anuria,severe electrolyte depletion,dehydration
Furosemide Dose .5-1mg/kg then double dose if no response
Levophed Class sympathomimetic
Levophed Actions alpha and beta1 adrenergic agonist, vasoconstrictor
Levophed Indications neurogenic shock,inotropic support,cardiogenic shock,rosc w/BP less than 90, BP less than 70
Levophed Side effects & Precautions fetal anoxia,large vein
Levophed Contraindications hypovolemia
Levophed Dose 8-12mcg/min IV piggyback
Epi 1:10 Class sympathominetic
Epi 1:10 Actions alpha vasoconstriction,beta 1 HR increase, Beta 2 bronchodilation, increases BP
Epi 1:10 Indications aArdiac arrest, anaphylaxis refractory to epi 1:1, pedi brady
Epi 1:10 Side effects & Precautions caution w/ anaphylaxis COPD,CHF,over 45
Epi 1:10 Contraindications none
Epi 1:10 Dose 1mg IV for Cardiac arrest, .1mg-.mg anaphylaxis, brady 2-10mcg
Lidocaine Class ventricle anti arrhythmic
Lidocaine Actions suppress excitabilty and automaticity
Lidocaine Indications Ventricular rhythms of irritability PVCs with AMI,Runs of Vtac,Prophylaxis, cardioversion vtach after defib
Lidocaine Side effects & Precautions reduce dose in older than 65 or CHF, treat Bradys first caine allergies
Lidocaine Contraindications ventricular escape beats,bradys, heart blocks
Lidocaine Dose vfib pulesless v tach-1.5mg/kg, unstable v tach 1-1.5mg/kg, stable v tach 1mg/kg, salvos runs of vtach or PVCs 1mg/kg repeat doses .5-.75mg/kg
Atrovent Class anticholinergic(againts parasympathetic)
Atrovent Actions bronchodilations,drys secretions
Atrovent Indications bronchospasm after albuterol dose
Atrovent Side effects & Precautions rash,blurred vision---glaucoma
Atrovent Contraindications allergies to soy/nuts or atropine, bronchoconstriction due to allergic reaction
Atrovent Dose .5mg in 2.5ml NS with albuterol
Sodium Bicarb Class buffer, alkalanizing agent, electrolyt supplement
Sodium Bicarb Actions buffers metabolic acidosis,pushes potassium into cells,neutralizes acidosis,urinary excretion
Sodium Bicarb Indications tricyclic overdose,crush injuries,CArdiac arrest in PEA/asys and ROSC, hyperkalemic cardiac arrest with renal failure, DKA, aspirin overdose,methanol ingetsion
Sodium Bicarb Side effects & Precautions metabolic alkalosis,necrosis
Sodium Bicarb Contraindications alkalosis, pulmonary edema, not used in all cardiac arrest
Sodium Bicarb Dose 1mEq/kg
Fentanyl Class synthetic narcotic, opioid analgesic
Fentanyl Actions binds w/ receptor sites for analgesic effects,concious sedation
Fentanyl Indications pain control, RSI
Fentanyl Side effects & Precautions resp depression,brady,hypo/hypertension
Fentanyl Containdications resp depression,brady,cardiac dysrhythmias,hypotension,head injury
Fentanyl Dose 1-2mcg/kg
Calcium Chloride Class electrolyte
Calcium Chloride Actions helps electrical current in heart,helps muscle contraction, vasoconstriction,increases BP
Calcium Chloride Indications hyperkalemia,hypoalcemia,magnesium OD,Calcium channel blocker OD
Calcium Chloride Side effects & Precautions brady,hypotension,necrosi,svasospasm
Calcium Chloride Contraindications cardiac arrest,dig tox,hypercalemia
Calcium Chloride Dose 5-10ml of a 10%solution
Amiodarone Class antiarrhythmic
Amiodarone Actions slows repolarization,decreases automaticity,alpha beta blocker, inhibits sympathetic
Amiodarone Indications VF/VT cardiac arrest unresponsive to shock and vasopressor, unstable VT,wide QRS tach
Amiodarone Side effects & Precautions hypotension,block,brady
Amiodarone Contraindications trauma,dont give w/ drugs that prolong QT,iodine allergy,pulmonary/hepatic/thyroid disease,2nd3rd degree block
Amiodarone Dose 300mg then 150mg 150mg for wide QRS
Created by: txfireman2004