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Female CA/ Endometri

What is endometriosis? when endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus in other parts of the pelvis
What is the number one complication from endometriosis? infertility
What are possible causes of endometriosis? Retrograde menstrual flow, Altered immune function, Tissue displaced in utero, infections,
Is endometriosis painful? yes before, during and after mensus
How is endometriosis diagnosed? PE, vaginal ultrasound, exp lap, plasma urocortin levels (especially in ovaries), CA125 marker
Why do women not want to be on meds for endometriosis? depo-wt gain, danazol-facial hair, Lupron-like going through menopause, loss of bone density and actually causes more pain initially die to the amt of estrogen
When does surgical menopause happen? When ovaries are removed, pt may need HRT
What drug was associated with cervical CA? diethystilbesterol (DES) given back in the day to prevent miscarriages
Describe the staging for cervical CA stage I-cervix only, stage II-beyong cervix into vagina, stage III-in pelvis but not beyond pelvic wall, stage IV-not beyond pelvic wall
What are the only clinical signs of cervical CA? foul smelling d/c, abnormal PAP
What are the late signs of cervical CA? bleeding when you shouldn't be, wt loss and anemia
What are signs of metastasis in cervical CA? pain, bladder irritation, rectum discharge, fistula, symptoms of urteral obstruction
Pt has cyrosurgery for cervical CA, is this normal? Yes, once freezed the cells slough off, unless longer than 8 weeks then infection is suspected
If a post-menopausal women is bleeding what is suspected? Cervical CA, unless proven otherwise
What is uterine CA related to? Estrogen
What breast CA drug puts you at risk for uterine Ca? Tamoxifen
Created by: brebre273