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Ca Overview 2

When is surgery ideal for CA? When tumor is less than 2cm, tumor is malignant, tumor is confined locally or regionally
When is non-negative margins expected? Adjuvant therapy, debulking surgery to decrease size
What are some precautions for external radiation? Do not wear deodorant, do not swim, surf, friction, tight clothing, protect area from light
What is the general rule for internal therapy? distance, time limit, badge, apron, time management etc
What is a common complaint of those who have esophagitis? chest pain, need to make sure pt is not having a MI
What is the nadair period? The peak point of the chemo, bone marrow suppression is severe, WBC, PLT, RBs low
What should be considered during the nadair period? Reverse isolation, protect the pt
What is monitored w Vesicant drugs? tissue damage, PPE is worn etc
What is the main SE of alkylationg agents? permanent bone marrow supression, which can lead to luekemia
Which meds are ideal for those w brain tumors? Nitrosoureas
What is special about the Platinum drugs? They bind to DNA and RNA during the resting phase
What phase do Antimetbolites act on? Phase S
What is Methotraxate? An Antimetobolite
Which drugs act on the M phase? Mitotic Inhibitors
What type of drug is Vincristine? Mitotic Inhinbitor
Which CA drug can cause CHF? Antitimor ATBs
What phase do Topoisomerase Inhibitors act on? S Pahse
What should be monitored when on predisone? Blood sugar and BP
What drug is also known as the anti-estrogen? Tamoxifin
What is the drug for platelet growth factor? Oprelvekin (Neumega)
What are the SE of Biologic Therapy? Flu-like sympotoms
What type of cancer has a vaccine? Brain Ca vaccine
What are the systemic risks for Chemo? CHF and Reproductive issues
What is the tell tell sign of superior vena cava syndrome? swollen face
Why is there an increase in uric acid during chemo? the by product of protein being destroyed
Created by: brebre273