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Chapter 3

litigation refers to lawsuits, the process of filing claims in court, and ultimately going to trail
alternative dispute resolution- ADR any other formal or informal process used to settle disputes without resorting to a trail
mediation mediator attempts to coax the two disputing parties toward vol settlement-strongest (win-win)
arbitration faster and cheaper than litigation
appellate courts 3 or more judges and NEVER juries. no witness or evidence
appellant party filing the appeal
appellee party opposing the appeal
writ of certiorari asking the court to hear the case
pleadings the doc that begins the law suit
complaint facts and claims making
default judgement decision that the plaintiff wins without trial
camera inspection the judge views the requested docs done
summary judgement ruling by the court that no trail is necessary because there are no essential facts in dispute
voir dire the process of selecting a jury " to speak the truth"
judgement non obstance veredicto - JNOV the judge overturn the jury
Created by: jgalindo