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CA overview 1

What are the different genes when talkin about CA? protoocengenes-normal cell growth but proliferate beyond normal cell replication, antioncogenes-tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes-mutated genes that turn a normal cell into a CA cell
Which ethnic group is more likely to die from CA? African Americans
Which racial group has the lowest rate of CA? Mexican Americans but they have the highest rate of infectious causing CA (uterine, liver, stomach)
Who has the highest rate of Kidney CA? Native and Alaskan Americans
What is the biggest concern for CA patients? pain management
What are the different type of CA prevention? Primary-education, avoiding carcinogens Secondary- self exams, screenings Tertiary- responding to complications, disability or rehab
What are the cardinal warning signs of CA? "CAUTION" Change in bowel habits, A sore that won't heal, Unusual bleeding or discharge, Thickening in a lump or mass, Indigestion of difficulty swallowing, Obvious change in mole or wart, Nagging cough or hoarsness
What is the name for the process which normal cells undergo malignant transformation? carcinogenisis
What is the initiation stage? irreversible change in the genetic make-up, but doe not always lead to CA
What are the CA related genes associated w breast CA? BRCA1 and BRCA2
What viruses are associated w later causing CA? HEP B&C, HIV, Epstien Barr, H.Pylori (infectious agent), HPV
What is the promotion stage? The reversible stage but if prevention isn't taken, there is an increase chance to become malignant
What is the progression stage? When malignancy occurs and invasiveness is enhanced. Tumor angiogenesis occurs during progression phase
What is tumor angiogenesis? When the tumor develops its own blood supply
What is the general rule for differentiation? The more differentiated, the less malignant, the less differentiated, the more malignant
How does staging of CA work? TNM T0-no tumor, T1-4 size, Tx-can not be assessed (treatment effective)Tis- in situ,
What is the definitive test for diagnosis of CA? biopsy
Created by: brebre273