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Science Test May 24

Frogs and Crabs - 4th Grade

Name the five parts of the Life Cycle of a Frog The Life Cycle of a Frog includes the eggs, tadpoles, tadpole with legs, froglet, and adult frog.
What's another name for the dwarf African frog? The dwarf African frog is also called the aquarium frog.
What is an amphibian? An amphibian is an animal that lives on land AND water.
Are amphibians warm or cold blooded animals? Amphibians are cold blooded animals.
What is a cold blooded animal? A cold blooded animal's temperature changes with its surroundings.
What's the Greek meaning of the word amphibian? In Greek, amphibian means "double life."
What's the metamorphosis that happens to a frog? Frogs undergo a great change when a tadpole becomes a froglet.
What's necessary for respiration to occur in frogs? A frog's skin must be moist for skin respiration to occur.
What is "burbling?" Burbling occurs when the dwarf African frog takes in oxygen at the surface.
What is "molting?" When the dwarf African frog sheds its skin, it is molting.
What does the dwarf African frog lack? The dwarf African frog lacks eyelids, teeth and a tongue.
Name the seven parts of a crab. The seven parts of a crab are the eyestalk, mouth, antennae, chelipad, carapace, walking legs, and swimming legs.
What are crustaceans? Crustaceans are animals whose body is covered by a hard shell.
Give examples of crustaceans. Some examples of crustaceans are: crabs, lobsters, crayfish, and shrimp.
Describe the claws of the fiddler crab. The female crab has two small claws and the male crab has one big and one small claw.
Describe the fiddler crab's eyes. The fiddler crab has two movable eyestalks that can move upward and retract into grooves for protection.
How do the fiddler crabs eat? Both the male and female crabs eat with the small claw. It scoops up soil that contains food. The hairs in the mouth separate the food from the mud and soil. The crab spits out the sand pellets. The mouth opens like elevator doors.
How did the fiddler crab get its name? The fiddler crab got its name because the male moves its claw back and forth like its playing the fiddle.
Why does the male fiddler crab move its claw? The male fiddler crab moves its claw back and forth when it's trying to attract females, defend its territory, and discourage rivals.
How does the fiddler crab breathe? The fiddler crab breathes by keeping a small amount of seawater in its gills. They must return to the water to renew their water supply after a short time.
Created by: Village Park