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Wordly Wise final Ex

Donate To give to those in need, often through an organization.
Methodical Done in a regular, orderly way.
Accelerate To go or to cause to go faster. To bring about at an earlier time.
Stall A place for an animal in a barn. A small stand or booth where things are sold. To suddenly lose power. To delay by being evasive.
Contact The touching or joining of two things. The condition of being in communication with others. To communicate with.
Proceed To go on, especially after stopping for a while; to continue.
Rebel A person who refuses to obey orders or the law.
Aggressive Bold and active.
Minor Small: Unimportant
Assume To take for granted; to suppose.
Provoke To annoy or make angry.
Expand To make or become larger.
Fertile Able to produce good crops.
Decline To slope or pass to a lower level.
Obsolete No longer sold or in wide use because it is out-of-date.
Ample Plenty; more than enough.
Burden Something that is carried, especially a heavy load.
Comply To act in agreement with a rule or another’s wishes.
Cumbersome Awkward and hard to handle; unwieldy.
Moral A useful lesson about life.
Ridiculous Laughable; deserving of mockery.
Available Easy to get; present and ready for use.
Establish To set up or begin.
Sensation A feeling that comes from stimulation of the senses.
Anxiety Great uneasiness or concern.
Overdue Coming later than expected or needed.
Notable Deserving of attention; outstanding.
Pardon To forgive.
Created by: wrice13