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What causes congenital cataracts? rubella, mumps, chicken pix during 1st trimester of pregnancy
What are the clinical manifestations of cataracts? blurred vision, mom diplopia, no pain, glare, photophobia, able to see better in low light when pupil is dilated
What causes cataracts? UV light, trauma, retina detachment, retinitis,chronic use of steroids, radiation
What are the TX options? only surgery, extraction, phacoemulification, intraocular lenses implant
What do cycloplegics do? paralyze ciliary muscles
What med is used to dilate pupils? mydriatics
What is the ideal position SP cataract surgery? semi-fowlers
What are the S/S of glaucoma? intra-ocular pressure, optic nerve atrophy, visual loss/impairment
Which type of glaucoma is associated w severe pain? close angle
What is the contraindication with beta andrenergic antagonists? timidol is contraindicated in COPD and asthma patients
Sudden onset or develop slowly, Burst of black spots or floaters, No pain Description of a shadow falling across the visual field, Flashes of light indicate what? Retinal detachment
What are TX options for retinal detachment? all are surgical
What is prevalent in Caucasians with blue eyes? macular degeneration
How is macular degeneration diagnosed? Amsler grid, grid will look distored
How can macular degeneration be slowed? Vit A, Vit C, Beta Carotene, dark green leafy veggies with Lutein
What are the clinical manifestations of macular degeneration? dark spots, missing areas, wavy lines, central visual deficits
When is photodynamic therapy an option? When macular dengeneration is "wet." Involves the vasculature
Created by: brebre273