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What can cause hypothroidism? Iodine deficient diet, radiation and or surgery from hyperthroidism, drug-induced from amiodarone, lithium
What are the diagnostics for hypothryoidism? Increase in TSH, and decrease in T3 and T4, radioactive iodine uptake, scan
What does the medical management for hypothyroidism include? Sinthyroid and encourage iodine in diet
What does high fever, severe, tachycardia, delirium, dehydration, extreme irritability indicate? thyroid crisis AKA thyrotoxicosis (too much thyroid hormone)
What condition is Graves disease associated w? Hyperthyroidism
What is the term for protrusion of the eyes? Exophthalamus
What is the most common med used for hyperthroidism? Propylthiouricil (PTU)
What is the diet for a hyperthyroid pt? high cal (5,000cal), avoid high fiber, decrease caffeine
What is the ideal position for post-surgical thyroidectomy? semi-fowlers, to reduce stress on the suture line and reduce the risk of hemorrhage
What is one of the biggest concerns during surgery? injury of the laryngeal nerve
What is the function of the parathyroid? regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism and produced parathyroid hormone. Activity is controlled by calcium serum levels
What are bones, stones and psychic groans associated w? parahyperthyroidism
What does a positive Chvostek sign and Trousseau’s sign indicate? hypocalcemia
What is parahypothyroidism caused by? low calcium and high phosphorus
What are some of the clinical manifestations of hypoparathyroidism? Tetany, numbness and tingling in face, lips, fingers, feet, laryngeal spasm, convulsions
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