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endocrine disorders

What two glands work together to regulate the endocrine system? hypothalamus and pituitary
What does the hypothalamus do? Produces hormones that stimulate or inhibit the secretion from the anterior pituitary
What hormones does the hypothalamus release? Corticotropin, Thyrotropin, Growth hormone, Gonadotropic, Prolactin, Somatostatin and prolactin
What hormones does the anterior pituitary secrete? growth hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone, adenocortcotropic hormone, Follicle stimulating hormone, Prolactin, Luteinizing hormone, Melanocyte stimulating hormone
What hormones does the anterior pituitary secrete? Anti-diuretic and oxytocin
What is the function of the adrenal gland? secrete steroids (Glucocorticoids, Mineralocorticoids, Androgens), secretes epi, responds to stress and prolongs effects of SNS
What is the main difference between Cushing's disease and Addison's disease? Cushing's- excess corticosteriods (glucocorticoids) Addison's- inefficiency of all 3 corticosteriods
What is the medical management for Addisonian Crisis? hydrocortisone, IV fluid replacment
What are TX options? Transphenoidal hypophysectomy, adrenalectomy, radiation, Nizoral and Cytraden (inhibit corticoid synthesis)
What are the possible complications from a transphenodial hypophysectomy? meningitis, diabetes insipidus, CFS leakage
What conditions are associated with hyperpituitarism? Giantism-over growth of long bones, takes place before the epiphyses close. Acromegaly- over growth of long bones and soft tissue, happens after epiphyses close
What are the TX options for acromegaly? radiation, Somatostatin analogs – reduces GH levels Somavert - GH receptor antagonist alternative to above drug, transphenoidal hypophysectomy
What is Diabetes Insipidus? Deficiency of ADH, resulting in water loss
What are the different types of DI? Central DI-lesion in the brain, Nephronic DI-decrease response by the Kidney, Psychogenic DI-structural lesion in thirst center or pschological disorder
What are the clinical manifestations for DI? Polyuria, polydypsia, dilute urine (sp gravity- 1.001-1.005, 5-20 L output per day), increased serum osmolality
What meds are used for CDI? Desmopressin Acetate and Vasopressin
What meds are used for NDI? Thiazides and low salt diet
How do Thiazides work? They slow kidney infiltration rate to allow the kidney to reabsorb more water
What is the disorder associated w excessive amounts of ADH, resulting in water imbalance? SIAH, Syndrome of Inappropriate Anit-diuretic Hormone
What are the results of SIAH? water intoxication, circulatory overload, cerebral edema, electrolyte dilution
What typically causes SIAH? small cell lung CA
Created by: brebre273