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Nursing Roles 1210-u

Test #4

What is the definition of phenomenology? A qualitative research design that uses inductive descriptive methodology to describe the lived experiences of study participants.
What is the definition of ethnography? A qualitative research method that is used for the purpose of investigating cultures.
What is the definition of grounded theory? A qualitative research design that is used to collect and analyze data with the aim of developing theories grounded in real world observations.
What is the definition of case study? A method of quantitative research that is used to present an in depth analysis of a single subject, group, institution, or other social unit.
What organization provides federal funding for research? The National Institute of Nursing Research
What comprises qualitative data analysis? The organization of words or phrases, not numbers.
What comprises inferential statistics? Numerical data
What comprises descriptive statistics? Numerical data
What comprises quantitative statistics? A formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are used.
What is the definition of hypothesis generation? It is the first step in the basic research process.
What is (DRG) diagnosis-related groups? Under DRGs, each Medicare client is assigned to a diagnosis grouping on the basis of his or her primary diagnosis; and reimbursement is based on a predetermined fixed price per case or diagnosis.
What is the purpose of DRGs? To reduce the client's length of stay and minimize procedures performed.
What has been the effect of Medicaid on health care for the poor? The poor generally receive very few treatments because of lack of payment to the provider or facility; rarely seek preventive services; and are more likely to lack a usual source of care.
What are current attempts to increase efficiency of health care? A shift to provision of more services and procedures in outpatient settings; a shift toward a model of health promotion and preventive care to achieve cost-effectiveness; and, the internet offers information and education to consumers.
What is the preimpact stage of a disaster? Planning, preparedness, prevention and warning.
What is the impact stage of a disaster? All efforts are directed to responding.
What is the postimpact stage of a disaster? The focus is on recovery, rehabilitattion and reconstruction; usually about 72 hours after the disaster.
What is an example of a terrorist incident of the chemical category? Diseases that are easily spread through the air and require decontamination.
What is an example of a terrorist incident of the biologic category? The biologic category refers to diseases such as the plague or smallpox.
What is the Strategic National Stockpile? Provides antibiotics, antidotes, and medical and surgical items when local and state supplies have been exhausted.
What is the Commissioned Corps Readiness Force? A group of health care professionals who can be deployed to respond to a disaster, as a large group or in small numbers.
What is the priority of care for victims of a mass casualty incident? Care is shifted to using resources to serve those with the greatest likelihood of survival.
Who is the "first responder" to any disaster? Each disaster begins locally, and each community responds first.
What is decontamination? The physical process of removing harmful substances from personnel, equipment, and supplies.
What is containment? Limiting the emergency situation within a well defined area.
What is triage? The process of prioritizing the order in which patients are treated.
What is scene assessment? The review of the location of an event to search for information to guide treatment options.
What do accrediting agencies look for in a hospital? Evidence that patients receive adequate care.
What is total patient care? The nurse provides all aspects of patient care.
What is team nursing? The RN directs the other members of the team.
What is functional nursing? Staff are assigned to tasks rather than to patients.
What is partnership nursing? When the RN is paired with a partner, usually an LPN or NAP.
What is staffing? The activity involved in determining that an adequate number and mix of health care team members are available to provide safe, quality patient care.
What is assignment? The distribution of work that each staff member is responsible for during a given work period.
What is output? The work produced.
What is a clinical pathway? A plan that specifies the timing and sequencing of major patient care activities and interventions for a particular diagnosis, procedure or health condition.
What is a patient centered plan of care? Refers to a nursing care delivery model that is focused on interprofessional care, with the patient as the focus.
What is the first step in planning staffing levels? Staffing systems must address patient acuity levels, the level of intensity of care required by the patients.
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