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Japan Day/Month/Time

Days, Months, time phrasing

1 tsuitachi
2 futsuka
3 mikka
4 yokka
5 itsuka
6 muika
7 nanoka
8 youka
9 kokonoka
10 tooka
11 juuichinichi
12 juuninichi
13 juusannichi
14 juuyokka
15 juugonichi
16 juurokunichi
17 juushichinichi
18 juuhachinichi
19 juukunichi
20 hatsuka
21 nijuuichinichi
22 nijuuninichi
23 nijuusannichi
24 nijuuyokka
25 nijuugonichi
26 nijuurokunichi
27 nijuushichinichi
28 nijuuhachinichi
29 nijuukunichi
30 sanjuunichi
31 sanjuuichinichi
January ichigatsu
Febuary nigatsu
March sangatsu
April shigatsu
May gogatsu
June rokugatsu
July shichigatsu
August hachigatsu
September kugatsu
October juugatsu
November juuichigatsu
December juunigatsu
The day before last ototoi
The week before last sensenshuu
The month before last nikagetsumae
The year before last ototoshi
Yesterday kinou
Last week senshuu
Last month sengetsu
Last year kyonen
Today kyou
This week konshuu
This month kongetsu
This year kotoshi
Tomorrow ashita
Next week raishuu
Next month raigetsu
Next year rainen
The day after tomorrow asatte
The week after next saraishuu
The month after next saraigetsu
The year after next sarainen
Created by: joshoates5



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