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6th Science EOC - TX

6th grade science - End of course review - Texas public school

What is the first thing you should do if there is a problem in the lab? Tell a teacher
What does a metric ruler measure? Length
What does a graduated cylinder measure? Volume
What does a thermometer measure? Temperature
What does a stopwatch measure? Time
burning, rust, temperature change, bubbles or fizzing, digestion signs of a chemical change
Only 1 capital letter, cannot be broken down into another substance element
2 or more capital letters. 2 or more elements that chemically bonded together compound
How can you tell how many elements are in a particular compound? Count the capital letters.
Which side of the periodic table are the metals found? Left
Which side of the periodic table are the metalloids for? Along the "stupid stairs"
Which side of the periodic table are the nonmetals found on? Right
Good conductors, malleable, ductile, shiny luster, mostly solid metals
Poor conductors, brittle, mostly gas, dull luster nonmetals
What is the most abundant element found on Earth? Oxygen
What is the most abundant element found in the Earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen
Stored energy. Typically this type of energy is found when an object is at rest and has the potential to move Potential Energy
Energy of motion. Kinetic Energy
What does a flat horizontal line represent on a distance and time graph Object is not moving
On a rollercoaster when is potential energy the greatest? At the top
On a rollercoaster, where is the kinetic energy the greatest? Just before it hits the bottom where it's moving the fastest
How does an incline plane make work easier? When you increase the distance you decrease the amount of force needed to move the object.
What is the force that keeps the planets in orbit? Gravity of the sun
What is the largest layer of the Earth Mantle
What is the name of the largest tectonic plate that has the 'ring of fire' around it? Pacific
What landform is created at convergent boundary? Mountains
What landforms are created at a divergent plate boundary? Sea-floor spreading, Mid-ocean ridges
What type of rock is formed when magma/lava cools? Igneous
What type of rock is formed under heat and pressure? Metamorphic
What type of rock is formed when layers of sediment are deposited on top of each other Sedimentary
What is the energy transformation of a flashlight? Chemical>Electrical>Light
What is a disadvantage of solar energy? It is expensive
How do you measure hardness of a mineral? By scratching the rocks against each other and using Moh's scale
What type of heat transfer is happening when a metal spoon is touching a hot bowl of soup? Conduction
What type of heat transfer is happening when hot air rises? Convection
What type of energy can cause you to get a sunburn? Radiant (Light)
Heat always travels in what direction? Towards the cooler objects
Who was the first person to land on the moon? Neil Armstrong
What are the main elements in the Earth's Ocean Sodium, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Oxygen
Anything living in the ecosystem biotic
Anything that is non-living in the ecosystem abiotic
The basic building block for all life is called? cell
Primitive cells, does not have a nucleus prokaryotic cell
Advanced cell that contains DNA in the nucleus eukaryotic cell
Created by: chrisjkesler