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SFS sc final

stack 2

energy stored in chemical bonds between atoms chemical energy
energy of hot objects thermal energy
energy of opposition potential potential energy
energy of motion kinetic energy
In what direction does an object accelerate? in the direction of the force
How does friction affect moving objects? slows it down
mass x acceleration: work examples from your notes word problems
actions and reactions (3rd law) pair forces
What does friction covert energy of motion into? thermal energy
What keeps a satellite in orbit around the earth? force of gravity
the greater the mass of an object..... the more inertia the object has
the law of inertia... newton's first law
the friction from air molecules hitting on object moves through the air air resistance
statement that describes events or relationships that exist in nature law
unbalanced force can keep an object moving in a circle circular motion
a force between surfaces that resists the movement of one surface past another surface friction
a push or pull force
list newton's 3 law of motion 1 an object at rest stays at rest unless and unbalanced force acts on it Examples: a book left on the table overnight is there when you return a soccer ball continues to roll until it hits something the clothes you left on the floor are still there w
newton's laws of motion force = mass x acceleration a baseball hit with a bat flies farther than a bowling ball hit with a bat
newton's laws of motion for every equal and opposite action there is an equal and opposite reaction a balloon flies forward when air quickly escapes from it
galileo Italian scientist showed that falling objects with different masses have the same acceleration
If you are not strapped into some amusement rides, how would you fly off? fly off in a straight line
at the top of a hill on a roller coaster, what does your inertia do to your body? keeps you there
Created by: lyncall