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Sensory Med-Surg


What causes glaucoma? Increased intraocular pressure
S/S glaucoma Tunnel vision, eye pain, halos, reduced peripheral vision
What are miotic drops? Constrict pupil
What are mydriatic drops? Dilate pupil
What is strabismus? Unable to focus both eyes same direction
What is a hordeolum? Stye
What is chalazion? Cyst on eye
What usually causes retinal detachment? Aging `
S/S of retinal detachment Floaters, blurry vision
How is diabetic retinopathy treated? Photocoagulation laser treatment
What is near-sightedness called? Myopia
What is far-sightedness called? Presbyopia
Why is a corneal transplant at high risk for infection? No blood supply means slow healing
What precautioons after eye surgery? no coughing, bending at waist
Is severe eye pain normal after cataract surgery? No, report to charge and doctor
What is pink eye? Conjunctivitis
Does presbyopia usually occur with age or in childhood? With age, decreased flexibility of lens
Which type of glaucoma is characterized by rapid onset and decreased vision? closed (narrow) angle
What is the goal of Tx with glaucoma? Decrease amount of aqueous humor to decrease pressure
What is ptosis? drooping eyelid
What is a slit lamp? Special microscope to examine anterior eye
s/s of corneal ulcer Pain, tearing, light sensitivity, redness
What symptom is a pt with untreated chronic glaucoma likely to report? Tunnel vision
What should a pt with cataract surgery wear post-op? eye patch
Risks for cataracts aging, UV light, exposure to maternal rubella, smoking
How is the exam with a Snellen chart performed? stand at distance of 20' and cover one eye at a time
How long would you irrigate an eye after chmical splash? >15 minutes
What is external otitis? swimmer's ear
What is otitis media? Fluid collection in middle ear, obstruction of auditory canal
s/s chronic otitis media crackleing and fullness
Surgical procedure placing incision into tympanic membrane for drainage of tube placement Myringotomy
Post-op directions for tube placement no swimming or showering
Meniere's is characterized by... Vertigo, tinnitus, progressive hearing loss
What nursing interventions for Meniere's? Safety, fall risk, darken room
Surgical procedure for otosclerosis stapedectomy
What is primary risk for stapedectomy? Infection
Post-op position stapedectomy HOB elevated, lying on nonoperative ear
Instructions post-op stapedectomy to prevent prosthesis dislodgment Open mouth wide while sneezing/coughing
What benefit will stapedectomy serve? Increased ability to hear sounds
Symptoms of inner ear dysfunction Prolonged nausea and dizziness
Hearing loss that allows normal sound conduction through external and middle ear but not in inner ear sensoineuronal
Usual cause of color blindness heredity, damaged cones
Vitamin for night vision Vit A
Type of lens replacement for cataract intraocular
Surgery mainly for myopia so that glasses are not needed LASIK
Created by: shocklori