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Final Review

Geography final review

A city, along with its suburbs is known as a metropolitan area
What term do geographers use to refer to a huge agglomeration of cities such as the northeastern section of the United States? Megalopolis
Do more people live in the city or the suburbs surrounding the city? Suburbs
What is Urban Sprawl? Cities are poorly planned so they waste space.
What is Smart Growth? When a city creates a plan to manage the use of their land and resoures
If a country has a low life expectancy, would it be a developed country or a developing country? Developing country
Using the formula for determining Rate of Natural Increase, how can you determine if a country's population is declining? Mortality rate is greater than the birth rate.
If a country has a lots of people living over 65 years old, would they have a high or low life expectancy? High life expectancy
The basic support systems needed to keep an economy going such as transportation, energy and water are known as... Infrastructure
If a country has a low infant mortality rate, a high literacy rate and a high per capita income, would that country be mainly urban or rural? Urban
Independence island has 1000 students on only 10 square miles. What is its population density? 100/sq. mile
What is desertification? The expansion of deserts
What is the main reason for the destruction of the rain forests? Demand for timber, farmland and grazing land
The buildup of carbon dioxide is called Global warming
What is globalization? The increasing integration of countries
What is the purpose of map projections? To reduce distortion
What is totalitarianism? A government that has total control over its citizens
What is theocracy? The religious leaders rule the government.
Created by: jstraub