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What is the most common form of dementia? Alzheimers
What are the most common conditions that can cause symptoms of dementia? Cerebral-vascular disease, dementia with lewy bodies, PD, frontal lobe dementia, Hunington's disease
How is mild or early stage dementia characterized? by inability to remember familiar people, unable to manage bills, problems w simple math, unable to plan or organize
What are the S/S of moderate dementia? enhancement of the mild stage characteristics plus they begin to wander, starting to become incontinent, trouble sleeping (usually awake at 3am), more aggressive behavior
How is late or end stage dementia characterized? dependent in ADLs, accusing, difficulty swallowing and refuses to eat
What does a red stop sign indicate at a pts door? stop and do an hourly count, this pt has dementia and tends to wander
What is the most important non pharmacological management for restiveness to care? come back when ready to resume care
How should a bath be given to a pt with AD? start at the feet, let them feel the water first
What type of technique should be used when bathing, shaving, dressing etc? hand over hand
What is an alternative to wash the hair/bath? shower in a cap, no rinse needed, rinse free wash cloths
Should Thorazine be given for behavioral problems in patients w AD? No, this anti-psychotic drug is not FDA approved
What is the most prescribed med for dementia? Aricept, (SE-causes D)
Which meds for dementia are available in patch form? Exelon and Rivastigmine
Which med is usually given at the late/end stage of dementia? Namenda
What meds are given for behavior management? Olanzapine and Quetiapine
Created by: brebre273