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What are the different forms of lupus? SLE, Discoid lupus erythematosus, and drug induced lupus
What genetically triggers lupus? TREX1 gene mutation
Who is most effected by Lupus? non-white women during childbearing years
What is the most common infection in lupus pts? pneumonia
How is the disease spectrum of lupus? mild-rashes,arthritis, fatigue moderate-pericarditis, low blood count, severe-renal failure, seizures
What are the disease specific tests for lupus? positive anti-Smith, positive anti-double strand, positive anti-phospolipid antibody, false-positive syphilis, RPR, ENA IgG Beadchip test (can detect 6 autoantibodies), Anit RO, Anti LA
Why is it important to know if the pt is anti-phospolipid antibody positive? cause these pts are more likely to form clots and need to be on anticoagulant therapy
What is the mnemonic associated w lupus? SOAP BRAIN MD Serositis, Oral ulcers, Arthritis, Photo-sensitivity, Blood disorder, Renal disorder, Antinuclar antibodies, Immunological disorder, Neurological disorder, Malar rash, Discoid rash
What is the med used for advanced kidney damage in lupus patients? cellcept
What is prasterone? it is a male hormone used to counteract the amount of estrogen
What type of meds are paquenil and aralen? anti-malarial drugs, used after cortecosteriods are no longer working
What does Belimumab do? decrease b cell production
How does Rituximab work? kills B cells
How does infliximab work? binds inflammation signals
What other diseases does lupus put you at risk for? leukemia, lymphoma, breast CA, heart dz
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