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Science SGFM

What is an unicellular organism? An organism that reproduces through cell division.
What is a multicellular organism? An organism that divides and reproduces by growing developing and repairing.
What is DNA? A chemical that contains information for an organism's grown & functions.
Which two men built a model of DNA in 1953? Watson & Crick
What are chromosomes? DNA wrapped around protein and compacted into structures.
What are chromatids? Two identical chromosomes.
What is a centromere? The thing that holds together chromatids.
How many chromosomes does a human have? 46
What is Asexual reproduction? The process in which an organism develops tiny buds on its body, containing the parents exact genetic material in the offspring.
What is an example of Regeneration? Repairing a lost limb.
What is the order of cell division? Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, and Cytokinesis. (Remember: I pushed Marcus at the cookie!)
What is Sexual Reproduction? A cell from the mother combined with the cell from the father, so the offspring gets genetic information from both parents.
Gametes? Cells that contain half the usual number of chromosomes.
Genetics? Parents passing genes to their offspring.
A gene? A unit of heredity that occupies a specific location on a chromosome and codes for a particular product.
A female has 2.....chromosomes X
A male has an.....Chromosome, and a...... Chromosome. X and Y
The 23rd pair of chromosomes are called sex chromosomes. Why? They determine the sex of the organism.
Who investigated heredity? Gregor Mendel
Phenotype Physical Characteristics
Genotype The genes an organism has.
Dominant trait 1 or 2 copies can show through
Recessive Trait 2 MUST be there for it to show through
Created by: Jessica1589