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South Asia!

south Asia - n=middle east

What countries have had some of the oldest civilizations? Iraq Iran Afganistan
Which two major rivers flow through Iraq? Tigris and Euphrates rivers
what is the major industry of the Middle East? Oil
Where do most Iraqis live? Cities
What type of government is Iraq dictatorship
What county does Iraq fight against Iran
Can people trade weapons with Iraq no
What is the size of Iran Alaska
What does Iran make that is valued around the world oil and carpets
How much of Iran's land can be farmed 12%
What is a shah religious leader or king
Is Afghanistan landlocked yes
How many people farm in Afghanistan 70%
Where do most people live in Afghanistan Fertal vallies in the Hindu Kush montains
Which gender does Afghanistan mistreat women
What is the capital of Iraq? Bagdad
What is the region of land called in Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers The alluvian plain
What is an Islamic Republic? A government that is run by Muslim religious leaders. Laws based on the Quran.
Where are the Hindu Kush Mountains? Afghanistan
What was important about the Khyber pass? It was a trade route through the Hindu Kush Mountains allowing trade between NorthEast and SouthWest Asia.
What do most Afghans do for a living? 70% of Afghans farm
What are the 2 largest ethnic groups in Afghanistan? Pashtuns and Tajiks
What group controls Afghanistan? The Taliban
Why has Iraq been hostile to the US The US pushed for an embargo on Iraq after they invaded Kuwait. Eventually the US invaded Iraq.
How do Iranians differ from most other South East Asians? Iranians are Persians, not Arabs or Turks.
Where are the Elburz and Zagros Mountains? Iran
Who was Sadam Husein? Dictator in Iraq
Which country is the worlds leading producer of Pistachio nuts? Iran
Created by: ppennell1