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Latin- Stage 11

Test- Friday, May 17, 2013

convenit gathers
credit trusts
de down from, about
favet favors, supports
gens family
invitat invites
legit reads
liberalis generous
minime no
murus wall
noster our
nunc now
placet it pleases, suits
primus first
promittit promises
pugna fight
rapit seizes
secundus second
senator senator
sollicitus worried, anxious
stultus stupid
tertuis third
utilis useful
vale good-bye
verberat strikes
vir man
quis who
quid what
ubi where
cur why
num is used in what context? to ask a question & to suggest that the answer will be no. "Surely Quintus is not scared?"
nominative, dative, accusative- we, you nos,vos: nobis,vobis; nos,vos
took local politics _________ seriously
annual elections held at: the end of march
fautores supporters
candidates spoke at ________ _________ public meetings
each _____, a ____ of officers were elected year, pair
duoviri senior pair of officers
central government could: run the town
senior pair ____ _______ and give _________ during court hear evidence, giving judgement
aediles other pair who had tasks of supervising markets, police force, bathsm public entertainment, water supply, sewers
who made sure the town was efficiently run and taxes were spent? aediles
What was the town council made up of? 100 citizens who had already served
new members of the council was chosen by _____, but the _______ _______. people, council itself
candidatus/candidus dazzling white
________ _______ also was part of elections financial bribery
A successful candidate would: contribute to repair buildings from his own wealth
public service ___ _________ was important
local government gave small towns _________ benefits
only _______ ________ could take the part wealthy citizens
the candidates would then have ______ __________ public popularity
Aa question sentence can be made when -__ is added to the first word in the sentence ne
Quintus Holoconio favet. Quintus gives support to Holconius.
nos pistori credimus. we give our trust to the baker.
Created by: bml9913



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