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Latin Phrases 9-11

Latin English TranslationModern English Identification
libra (lb.) scale pound of measurement
magnum opus great work item that is considered to be the masterpiece of an author, artist, or composer
mea culpa by my fault someone's apology for an action,etc.
mens sana in corpore sano a sound mind in a sound body quote from the Roman poet Horace championing physical as well as intellectual vigor/well-being
modus operandi (m.o.) method of operating refers to someone's unusual style of accomplishing tasks
modus vivendi method of living refers to someone's usual lifestyle
tempus fugit time flies refers to the speed at which time passes
nolo contendere i don't wish to contest plea by a defendant essentially admitting guilt
non compos mentis not of sound mind legal term used to refer to someone who is not competent to manage his/her own affairs
non sequitur it does not follow an illogical statement
nota bene (N.B.) note well shows that someone should pay close attention to something
per centum (per cent) by (through) 100 out of each hundred
per diem by (through) the day daily allowance
persona non grata unwelcome person unwelcome person
placebo i will please inactive medicine given merely to satisfy a patient
post scriptum (P.S) after the writing afterthought added to a complete letter
pro bono for the good free
pro forma for the form for the sake of appearance
quod erat demonstrandum that which was to be shown highlights the solution of a problem
rara avis rare bird an unusual person
recipe take directions for cooking for a prescription
requiescat in pace (RIP) may he/she rest in peace appears on tombstones
status quo state at which something's current situation
referendum (singular) must be brought back the people as a whole choose, through voting, what a gov.'s course should be
propaganda (plural) must be spread items supporting a (gov.'s)opinions which are widely broadcast to encourage support
memorandum (sing.) must be remembered list of important items
agenda (pl.) must be done items which need to be accomplished
data (pl) given items which serve as the starting point of analysis
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